Jodhpur, otherwise called Sun City, is the gem of Rajasthan. Winters are consistently a decent season to travel, investigate new settings and with regards to Jodhpur the outing turns out to be more energized. 

Places to Visit in Jodhpur is always a searchable topic, because there are so many things to do in Jodhpur. But in this article,we will resolve your problem of choosing  the places to visit in jodhpur.

The best season to visit Jodhpur is the Winter season when the temperature goes from 7 degree Celsius to 27 degree Celsius. Here, we are sharing a few spots to visit in Jodhpur throughout the colder time of year season. 

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One of the most famous objections of the regal province of Rajasthan, Jodhpur, otherwise called the ‘Blue City’, established in the year 1459 by Rao Jodha. A treasury of manicured gardens, serene lakes, extensive Thar Desert, old sanctuaries, grand castles, majestic strongholds, neighborhood Bazaars and more to visit in Jodhpur throughout the colder time of year. 

Places To Visit in Jodhpur During Winter Season 

1. Mehrangarh Fort 

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The great Mehrangarh Fort holds the pride of spot in Aapno Jodhpur due to its unbelievable design and the assorted history related with it. Mehrangarh Fort can be seen from practically any vantage point in Jodhpur, shaping an ideal background for this meandering aimlessly city. 

It is one of the most famous places to visit in Jodhpur.

Mehrangarh Fort is one of the biggest, considerable and glorious strongholds in India composed of Burnished red sandstone. The perspectives on the city’s blue-hint houses are best appreciated from the top of this extravagant fifteenth century post. Numerous individuals visit the city to take a visit through the notable stronghold. 

2. Mihir Garh: House of Rohet 

Mihir Garh is a fortress cum resort began in the year 2009 with the vision to serve the individuals on the banks of sand rises, individuals can appreciate the supper with some people music and kalbeliya moves on the conventional tunes. 

It is arranged 45 km from the Blue City, Jodhpur. This spot is an unquestionable requirement visit objective for the sightseers and for neighborhood peeps. This spot is best in winters to feel the frigidity of winters and syphilis of daylight. 

3. The Archaic Cenotaphs at Mandore Garden 

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The Mandore Cenotaphs have the set of experiences endured from sixth Century CE away some time before when Marwar was not framed and Pratiharas of Mandavyapura administered here. In 1427 Mandore turned into the chief seat of the Rathore Clan. In some old fantasies, this spot was the home of the parents in law of the evil spirit King Ravana. 

The cenotaphs help to remember former periods and the design brightness of craftsmanship of that time. The nursery has a sanctuary known as Temple of 33 Crore Gods and an administration historical center excessively arranged there which shows the leftovers of this delightful spot. Heaps of travelers visit Mandore Garden each day. 

Mandore Gardens will help you explore the golden history more clearly, and you must visit the place because it is one of the best places to visit in Jodhpur.

4. Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park 

A piece of Mehrangarh Fort, Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park was reestablished and changed over into a normal environment for the nature darlings in the year 2006. When this piece of the post was a no man’s land presently has a zone of 70 hectares and home of local stone adoring plants. In the records of the city, this spot is one of the most seasoned green zones of Jodhpur. 

The recreation center merits visiting places for the individual who loves nature, water winged animals and the delightful nightfall; this park will cause you to feel like you are strolling in a desert with trees. The Devi Kund Lake in Rao Jodha Desert Park close to Jaswant Thada draws in numerous traveler fowls in the colder time of year. 

5. Machia Biological Park 

Arranged in the western side of the city Machia Biological Park is a zoo which homes some normal and extraordinary creatures like the deer, desert fox, screen reptile, bunnies, non domesticated felines, gazelles, mongooses, turtles, and so on 

This contamination free territory makes them rest territories and reward bistro too for the guests. For the guests who don’t care to walk can have a ride of E-vehicle present there. The Kaylana Lake is very near this territory, and there is a perspective to notice the lake. The vision of Machia Biological Park is to make it outstanding amongst other places of interest of Jodhpur. 

6. Toorji Ka Jhalra: Step Well 

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The Toorji Ka Jhalara is an all around work during the 1740s, it is the wellspring of common groundwater, developed by the then Queen Tanwar. This 250 yrs old well is as yet in the running condition and has the delightful perspective on the blue shaded old structures; its new reclamation revealed more than 200 hundred feet of hand-cut fortune. 

The swallowing bistro is likewise arranged close to the well which is additionally named as Step Well Cafe; the bistro has likewise enhanced with photos of the well portraying the historical backdrop of Jhalra. 

7. Khichan: Kurjan Birds 

Kurjan Birds or Demoiselle cranes are discovered to be in Khichan, this desert town is arranged close to Phalodi, 150 kms west from Jodhpur. House cranes that have come in thousands in numbers covering a great many kilometers from cold nations including Mongolia to Kheechan town are known as Kurjan Birds. 

There are some entrancing retreats present in the Phalodi, the closest area of Khichan. You can see the photos of this exquisite fledgling there while sitting and having a taste of espresso with the delightful climate of winter. 

8. Osian: Sand Dunes Camps 

Around 65 kms north to Jodhpur there is a town named Osian. Osian is a desert spring in the Thar Desert and has been known as the “Khajuraho of Rajasthan” because of the sexual figures on the sanctuaries. Among the most well known vacation destinations of the town are the 16 sanctuaries that incorporate Sachiya Mata sanctuary, Sun sanctuary, Mahavir Jain sanctuary, and so on going back to the eighth to the eleventh century. With their many-sided carvings, these sanctuaries hang out in their elegance and design. 

Aside from the sanctuaries, Osian is likewise mainstream for camel safaris. In the middle of everything, you can appreciate the beguiling camps present in the brilliant ocean of sand rises and can appreciate the kind of Rajasthani dance and people music.

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