Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam where you find out and understand Vietnamese culture, spirit and local life. You need at least 3 day to know how wonderful Hanoi is. There are many awesome things in Hanoi to experience. Below is best 5 things to do in Hanoi that we recommend you when you are in this beautiful city.

Don’t forget to walk along Hoan Kiem lake and visit Ngoc Son temple

Hoan Kiem lake aka Turtle lake is a symbol of Hanoi city and a must-visit place if you have time in Hanoi. Walking along the lake without cars, scooters makes you feel much comfortable. You escape from the crowded street with terrific traffic, noise of Hanoi.


Walking slowly and sometimes stopping and sitting under the shade of tree, talking with friends or you also have opportunity to make friends with locals. And make sure that you will cross the red wooden arched bridge and visit Ngoc Son temple.

Enjoy streets foods at Hanoi Center

Hanoi is very famous for its cuisine, especially street foods. So, Hanoi is also known as a foodie paradise. In Old quarter, just walking around and you realize that you are lost among numbers of tiny bars, small restaurants, and food vendors, array of street food. 


So many dishes for choosing: Pho bo, Bun cha, breads, Hanoi egg coffee, sticky rice with coconut ice cream…Hanoi has so many dishes to eat that eating street food becomes must –do thing in Hanoi.
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Go shopping with your friends in Hanoi City

Yes, shopping in this beautiful city is one of unmissable things. Hanoi is an excellent shopping city. A variety of local markets, supermarkets, shopping malls is around the city. And of course, small shops are everywhere. Just walking along the street in Hanoi Old quarter, we are sure that you can buy everything you need.

Join the water puppet show

The water puppet show is considered as one of the most interesting things for tourists to do in Hanoi. If you would like to know and understand about local life’s culture, religion as well as way of life, attend the puppet show! Ticket is not expensive, just only 5$-10$/ person.


Cross the street like a local

Small streets in Hanoi are always crowded with motorbikes, bicycle, cars, and even small trucks…They travels not only on streets but also on the pavement. Besides that, many scooters, motorbikes are parked on the pavement. To survive, you have to learn how to cross these such crazy streets like a local. Not easy for the one who is in Hanoi in the first time. But just go, and try to avoid being hit. 

They are not all things you should do in Hanoi. Many other things are waiting for you in this small, beautiful and friendly city to discover. If you have been in Hanoi, what are the best things you enjoyed? Please share with us!

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