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Best time to visit Fairy-Meadows

The best time to visit Fairy-Meadows is between June to September.

How to Reach Fairy-Meadows from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi

In recent years, many travelers visiting Fairy-Meadowst have come from Islamabad , Lahore and Karachi. To reach Fairy-Meadows from Islamabad , Lahore and Karachi, travelers from Lahore and Karachi must first arrive in Islamabad.It takes 19 to 20 hours to reach Fairy-Meadows from Islamabad.

Can we go to Fairy Meadows on car?

The short answer is no. Fairy Meadows road is only accessible via  local Jeep. Car and other transportation doesn’t go to Fairy Meadows.

Why is it called Fairy Meadows

The place was named Fairy Meadows in 1953 by an Australian climber Hermann Bhul due to its mesmerizing beauty.

He was here to climb the peak of Nanga Parbat. He became the first one to summit the mountain.

Fairy Meadows is also called “Heaven on Earth” due to its matchless beauty.

How long is Fairy Meadows track

Fairy Meadows Road is a spectacular and dangerous high mountain track with a length of 16,2km, located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan.

What is Fairy Meadows famous for?

Fairy Meadows famous for its beautiful lush green plateaus and World’s ninth biggest mountain Nanga Parbat (the Killer Mountain) is located in Diamer District of Gilgit-Baltistan region, Pakistan.

Fairy Meadows is surrounded by thick alpine forest. Among mammals, a few brown bears are found in the region, with their numbers declining.  Some musk deer, regarded as an endangered species, are also present. (Source)

Fairy Meadows Tour 2021

The Fairy Meadows trip is a fantastic excursion in Pakistan’s Himalayan area. It has now become a prevalent location for climbing and trekking lovers from all around the world. Nanga Parbat Base Camp Trek is the name given to this tour.

At 3500 meters, the journey from Fairy Meadows to Beyal Camp takes 2 hours. Fairy Meadows hiking takes around 2 hours one way and is not very tough or demanding.

The first route begins on a level trail that wound its way through the lush Fairy Meadows forest and into the slopes, with views of Nanga Parbat and the Raikot Glacier to the left. This route takes you through the woods on level ground for approximately an hour, passing through various streams until arriving at an opening where you can see the settlement blanketed in Nanga Parbat in the distance.

You’ve arrived at Camp Bill, which is fantastic. You may stop for a cup of coffee or continue walking for another 30 minutes to reach the observation point, which is 3667 meters above sea level and offers a close look at Raikot Glacier and Nanga Parbat.

This trek is a short adventure for individuals who don’t want to walk too far, but you may continue to Nanga Parbat base camp via the road if you’re going to go further. Part of this route is a short trip, making it perfect for individuals who don’t want to walk too far, but if you’re going to go further, go on to Nanga Parbat base camp.

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At the height of 3,967 m, the walk from Beyal camp to Nanga Parbat base camp can be challenging for trekkers. From the Beyal center, you’ll need to ascend a ridge for another 30 minutes before crossing the treacherous glacier to get to the base camp. Keep in mind that the route is becoming steeper, quieter, and the view is becoming increasingly gorgeous. You must return to the Crystal Plains after reaching the glacier, where the Nanga Parbat base camp is located at an elevation of 3900 meters.

You won’t be able to imagine yourself going through an imagined forest; instead, you’ll find yourself surrounded by ice and rocks.

Fairy Meadows Road may be rather unforgiving and deadly at times. To go to Fairy Meadows Skardu, you might hire a local tour guide or a professional travel agency.

The Fairy Meadows Tour Package 2020 differs from the price of the Fairy Meadows Tour Package 2021. You may choose from various special Fairy Meadows travel packages on our website, or you may create your trip itinerary.

The most popular travel package in Fairy Meadows is the 5 Days Trip to Fairy Meadows, which includes both Biyal base camping and Fairy Meadows camping in five days.

Fairy Meadows Trip

Fairy Meadows Tour Packages 2021 are available from Pakistan Travel Diaries and encompass a broad choice of locations in Gilgit Baltistan and base camping in the fairy meadows.

The importance of Pakistan Travel Diaries Northern Areas Tour Packages is unquestionable. All tourists, both domestic and international, pick us because of our excellent service and affordable costs.

Fairy Meadows Holiday Package is distinct in some respects. The number of days, the destinations to visit, and much more are all factors to consider.

The Fairy Meadows Tour is a fantastic once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In between the Nanga Parbat’s deadly mountains, the terrain appears to be a bouquet of unusual plants.

In Fairy Meadows, one of the most popular travel packages to opt for is the Biyal base camping and Fairy Meadows camping in five days.

Fairy Meadows Hunza

Tourists enjoy visiting Fairy Meadows Hunza because it encompasses two critical districts of Gilgit Baltistan. Both are noted for their breathtaking visual splendor and a diverse range of unusual flora and animals. Our Fairy Meadows Hunza tour lasts eight days and seven nights, and it includes visits to all of Hunza’s significant and small tourist attractions and other nearby regions.

Nanga Parbat and Fairy Meadows provide a unique combination of nature and adventure. Tourists flock to Nanga Parbat’s cliffs and Fairy Meadows’ lush green plains. The temperature is chilly in the summer and quite severe in the winter due to the high altitude. However, each type of weather has its distinct characteristics.

Fairy Meadows Trip cost

Everyone will benefit from the Fairy Meadow Trip Cost. It doesn’t matter if it’s a group or honeymoon excursion. Overall, the Fairy Meadows Tour Operator charges a low price for each tour.

Fairy Meadows Tour – highlights

There is a lot to see on the Fairy Meadows trip. The following are some of the tour’s highlights:

  • Nanga Parbat Experience, the base camp of the world’s ninth tallest mountain. Highway Karakoram
  • Fairy Meadows is a beautiful place to spend the night.
  • Base camp has bonfires and music.
  • Tatu Jeep Safari Is the ultimate adrenaline experience on Pakistan’s most beautiful routes through the Himalayan jungle valleys.
  • The Indus River and the Raikot Glacier may both be seen from this vantage point.
  • Sunsets and sunrises are breathtaking.
  • At base camps, meet mountaineers.
  • In Islamabad, you may take a tour of the city.

Fairy Meadows Pakistan Weather

Each type of weather has its characteristics. Due to the high plateau, the winters are cold in fairy meadows, but the summers are wonderfully pleasant. With the rushing river, spring also delivers a kaleidoscope of color seldom seen in any other season. The red color of spring leaves has its allure.

Fairy Meadows at Night

Each type of weather has its characteristics. Due to the high plateau, the winters are cold in fairy meadows, but the summers are wonderfully pleasant. With the rushing river, spring also delivers a kaleidoscope of color seldom seen in any other season. The red color of spring leaves has its allure.

From April through the end of September, the most fantastic time to visit Pakistan’s magical meadows is. Some travelers feel that the most incredible months for bottom camping in fairy meadows are June, July, and August. Furthermore, due to severe snowfall, the area becomes impassable in the winter.

Fairy Meadows Distance from Islamabad

The distance from Islamabad is roughly 540 kilometers, and numerous ways are available. The road is in decent shape, so travelers should not be concerned about the cliffs.

Fairy Meadows Trek

The Fairy Meadows Trek may be accessed through two distinct valleys. Gilgit, Kaghan Valleofor. Trekking towards Nanga Parbat, for example, is surrounded by rushing streams of cool water. The Raikot glaciers have created streams. Tourists flock to the ‘Raikot Serai’ camping spot, which is stretched out across two acres.

Base camping, hiking, and admiring the stars, particularly Fairy Meadows at Night, are some of the must-do activities at Fairy Meadows. One of the most incredible things you can do this year is to visit Fairy Meadows 2021.

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