Best time to visit Naran kaghan

The best time to visit Naran Kaghan is between June to mid-october.

How to Reach Naran Kaghan from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi

In recent years, many travelers visiting Naran Kaghan have come from Islamabad , Lahore and Karachi. To reach Naran Kaghan from Islamabad , Lahore and Karachi, travelers from Lahore and Karachi must first arrive in Islamabad.

It takes 7 to 8 hours to reach Naran from Islamabad to Mansehra-Naran-Jalkhad-Chilas Highway.After passing through Naran Kaghan, you will also be taken to Karakorum Highway to the Gilgit-Baltistan area of Pakistan.

What is the cost of Naran Kaghan Tour

When it comes to the cost of the Naran Kaghan trip, each package has 
different route and different accommodation options, so more tourists can benefit from our service.

How much does is cost to Travel to Naran Kaghan from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi

Pakistan Travel Diaries offers Naran Kaghan Package Tours from Islamabad, Naran Kaghan Tour Package from Karachi and also Naran Kaghan Tour Package from Lahore. Travel cost varies with different packages.

What If I cancel the tour, do you offer a refund

Yeah, our cancelation policy pays you. If you cancel the tour, the size of the refund will depend on it. We provide a cancelation policy for all tours, if you want to make sure you return your money. Please contact us if it was not given to you!

What if I am late for the tour

If you’re up to 15 minutes late, the guide will usually wait for you and begin the tour as planned.
When you’re more than half an hour late, it does not make sense to continue the tour as scheduled. We would probably recommend that you try to rearrange the tour or cancel it in certain cases only. If the lateness or cancelation of your account is not within your authority, we will clearly review your case and see whether we can provide any partial reimbursement.

How can I pay for the tour

We demand payment at the time of reservation for a tour. This is the only assurance that you will obtain the tour you have booked.
The tour can also be paid in cash at the beginning of the tour. But here, at least, you may visit our online cancelation policy. You are free of cancelation costs with this scheme. No Question asked. No additional payment is required.
We need an advance payment for complicated tours when you agree to our schedule and terms and conditions. Depending on the tour, the advance payment can vary from 10 to 100 percent.

What mode of payment you accept

Cash deposit in office is the quickest way but you can also deposit though Jazz Cash or bank account. You get payment access once you register.

Can I schedule a tour at any time of day

We can configure the tour at any time of the day potentially. We decided to reduce our booking system’s complexity. If you are going to start in the comments section of your booking form or if you would like to contact us by email , please inform us. In general, we are glad to start from 8 am until 8 pm at any time of the day but depends on availability.
We focus on the opening times of the places we are visiting for some tours. In this scenario, we will tell you whether or not the time you propose is feasible.
Of course, tour which includes PTD nightlife can start a little later than normal.

Do you offer car tours

Private guided tours are our main Pakistan tour schedules. We assume they have the most genuine experience. You will discover Pakistan’s journey every day, as local people see the region. We can offer cars to private tours.

What are the best hotels near Naran

We have the best accommodation near Naran are Hotel Royal Saeed & Hotel Arcadian.

What If there is land sliding

In case of land sliding, we will choose an alternative path to reach our destination OR in case of no alternative path we will stay at safe alternative destination for the time being

What kind of Clothes to Carry

While planning you trip, make a list of clothes to carry while travelling to northern areas. This list should include a sweeter, a warm jacket, a pair of boots, a woolen cap, a pair of gloves, warm socks and trouser.

Do you give any discount to Kids

Yes! We are offering special discount (50 % off) to the children under 8 Years of age.

How far our stay hotels are located from bazaar

Our hotels are located both in bazaar as well from walking distance to bazaar. All depends on your preference at the time of selection of tour package.

What medical aid will be provided in case of emergency

We will provide first medical aid for free at the spot and in case of admission in hospital  our company will not be responsible for any kind of medical charges.

How do you manage if there is a language barrier

In case of language barrier like English, our guides speak English well and they are mostly local. They will let you know the places history in good way.

Which type of washrooms are availiable

Most of the hotels have both American or Indian washroom facilities on customer’s demand.

Is there lift service at hotel

No, hotels does not provide lift service in their hotels.

What are the pick up and drop point

Our pick up and drop points are the same which is Lahore, Islamabad Bus Terminal, and on Motorway interchange near to customer.

Is fast food available on all tourism points

No! fast food is not easily available at every tourism point except hunza vally.

Do I carry extension with me

Yes you need to carry your extensions with you. Mostly extensions are available at hotels but not necessarily at all places.

What much luggage I can carry for the tour

We prefer you to take minimum luggage because you can enjoy your tour without any problem.

What is the preferable dress to wear

You can wear dress as per your wish and culture but recommend is shirts and jeans because they are comfortable while trekking to the mountain.

What things should be hand carry

Keep some of the most important with you in your hand bags that can be come under use at any time like shawl, medicine, or any other gadgets

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