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Top Places to Visit during Neelum Valley Tour  – Azad Kashmir

Ratti Gali Lake - Neelum Valley Tour

It is set in the blue jewel of Azad Kashmir Neelum Valley, one of Pakistan’s most stunning lakes. At an altitude of 12,130 ft, it is an alpine glacial lake.

The lake can be reached via Dowarian, a village in the Neelum Valley. For its scenic scenery, it is well recognized. Not a single glimpse of the mesmerizing lake can be lost.

The jeep ride and the 3 hour trekking is tiring during you Neelum Valley Tour but upon reaching the view satisfy all the efforts.

Ratti Gali Lake

Dhani Waterfall - Azad Kashmir Tour

In Neelum Valley, Muzaffarabad District of Azad Kashmir in Pakistan, Dhani Waterfall is however recognized as Dhani Noseri Waterfall.

It is situated 38 kilometers (24 mi) from the district of Muzaffarabad. It is Neelum Valley’s highest waterfall.

Book your Dhani Waterfall Neelum Valley tour Package now!

Dhani Waterfall

Kutton - Neelum Valley Tour

The Kutton Jagran Valley is roughly 82 km from Muzaffarabad, the main city. Together with the village, the bending water of steam mystifies so many tourists to keep in a clean environment and breathe deeply.

There are a wide variety of hotels and resorts to satisfy many visitors. Besides, Upper Neelum is located 2 kilometers from Keran. And has the most scenic views of the Neelum Valley Kutton Jagran showing the valley’s panoramic view.

It’s just so much fun for Azad Kashmir to trek and hike. Tourists love trekking to Keran Village from Kutton Jagran to upper Neelum.

Read wiki here


Kutton & Neelum Upper

Keran Border - Neelum Valley Tour

Keran is a village in Kupwara district, Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is in the Neelum Valley on the bank of the Neelum (Kishanganga) river. We make a small stop at Keran during out Neelum valley tour.

The village lies on the Line of Control. The Keran block includes three villages: Keran, Mundiyan and Pathran.The adjacent habitation on the Pakistani side is also called Keran.

The Neelum river flowing through village acts as the natural border between the two habitations.

Keran Pak India border

Tolipeer - Azad Kashmir Tour Package

There are also several areas in AJK Tourism that bring calmness and peacefulness to everyone. One is Tolipeer, a ravishing hilltop at an altitude of 8800 feet above sea level.

A wonderful wealth of land with so many picturesque and scenic views. Rawalakot is roughly 30 kilometers, or a 45-minute drive, south.

From the Tolipeer Abbaspur, Bagh, and Poonch River, other neighboring regions are seen. As it is the highest point of the mountain there, 2 days Neelum Valley Tour Packages normally include Toli Peer as it’s destination.


Pir Chinasi - Neelum Valley Tour

The Pir Chinasi is second but not least. It is well known for its lush green land and panoramic views of the gigantic mountains. Kashmir Pir Chinasi, particularly for trekkers, is a lovely tourist spot.

It attracts thousands of people away from the busy town in its quiet. The guest finds serenity and harmony there.

The peak season for visiting the location is between mid-March and September because of the heavy winter snowfall, but nature lovers still have a winter experience.

Pir Chinasi

Arang Kel - Neelum Valley Tour

Kel and Arrang Kel, among the most desirable locations in the Neelum valley, are fourth on the list. In reality, people can see Nanga Parbat Mountain from there.

For anyone who visits it, it is a wonderful sight. It’s a three-hour trek from Kel to Arrang Kel, a steep high jungle trail with fun local songs

We have 3 days as well as 4 days Neelum Valley Tour Package that includes Kel and Arrang Kel as last stop.

Kel & Arang Kel

Baboon Valley - Neelum Valley Tour

About 240 kilometers long the picturesque Neelum Valley is situated to the North & North East of Muzaffarabad. Running parallel to the Kaghan Valley, it is separated from it by snow covered peaks, some over 4000 meters above sea level.
It is newly discovered valley and yet to be explored by thousands of tourists so book a 4 days Neelum valley tour to explore the beauty of Baboon Valley.

Baboon Valley

Pattheka - Kashmir Tour

The best idea ever is the Azad Kashmir Neelum valley Pattheka Tours. This is a town known as the Business Center of the Neelum Valley.

Even, in the Neelum valley, there are many luxury hotels. These hotels will service millions of tourists to the Neelum Valley.

A collection of panoramic views of the valley includes Pattheka. Giant mountains, the fine weather of the valley of Neelum. The lush green meadows are now drawing attention from tourists. Tall trees line the curvy road to Pattheka, capturing a wonderful view.


Taobut - Neelum Valley Tour

Taobat is a village in the Neelam Valley of Sharda Tehsil, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is located 200 kilometers from Muzaffarabad (120 mi) and 39 kilometers from Kel (24 mi). It is the last station in the valley of Neelam.

It is also the closest position from where the Neelam River joins Pakistani territory and becomes the Neelum River. It had a population of 72020 in 1998.

Taobat is accessible by a non-metalled road from Kel. There are a motel and a limited number of hotels in the AJK Tourism and Archeology Department.

Don’t forget to add Taobat to the Azad Kashmir tour package and get a chance to visit this amazing place


Dowarian - Neelum Valley Tour Package

Dowarian is a village in Pakistan’s Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir. It is mainly situated 106 kilometers (66 mi) from Muzaffarabad and 22 kilometers (14 mi) away from Athmuqam at an elevation of 1,615 meters (5,299 ft) on the banks of the Neelum River.

Dowarian is accessible from Muzaffarabad by Neelum lane. A rest house of the AJK Department of Tourism and Archeology is situated here for visitors to stay. It is a base camp on Lake Ratti Gali.

At the merging of the Neelam River and the Ratti Gali water drain, Dowarian is situated. Tourism and forest resting houses are available. The village is full of spring water, high mountains of greenery and trees. The village grows cherries and apples.


Banjosa Lake - Kashmir Tour

Azad Kashmir Banjosa Lake is just another intriguing lake between both the mountains of Azad Kashmir.

Nearly 20 km away from the central town of Rawalakot, it serves as a tourist resort. It is an artificial lake at an altitude of 1,981 m above sea level. It makes it more amazing for the tourist, surrounded by lush green thick pine forest.

For a moment, visitors can never split their points of view. In mid-summer, the best time to visit the lake as it became very harsh in the winters. A place worth visiting as you explore the natural beauty of Azad Kashmir.

You can find amazing Kashmir Lake Banjosa tour packages by Pakistan Travel Diaries.

Banjosa Lake

Adventures in Neelum Valley Tour

Jeep Ride
Boating in

Frequently Asked Questions

Best time to visit Kashmir

The best time to visit Kashmir is between Mid June to Last week of September. But the best thing about Neelum Valley Tour is that they are open 12 months a year. Ratti Galli Lake can only be visited before Between March – October only.

How to Reach Kashmir (Neelum Valley) from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi

In recent years, many travelers visiting Kashmir have come from Islamabad , Lahore and Karachi. To reach Kashmir from Islamabad , Lahore and Karachi, travelers from Lahore and Karachi must first arrive in Lahore or Islamabad.

Are Foreigners allowed to visit Azad-Kashmir

No Foreginer are not allowed to visit Azad Kashmir. Neelum Valley is open for Pakistani tourists only.

Is ATM Service Available in Kashmir - Neelum Valley

Yes, not to worry ATM is available at Ath Maqam, Muzaffarabad and Kel.

How much time is given for boating in Neelum River(Sharda)

Around 20 minutes are awarded for boating at beautiful Neelum River(Sharda)

When is the best time to visit Ratti Gali - Neelum Valley

To witness the Majestic beauty of Ratti Gali Lake, we will trek on top mountain and it will take 60 minutes reach to the lake.

What is the cost of Kashmir Tour

When it comes to the cost of the Kashmir trip it depends completely on type of services being aquired or booked.

Best Packages for Neelum Valley Tour 2021

Enjoy the Spectacular Neelum Valley Tour Packages to just see the wonders of Pakistan’s northern regions. We are offering you the opportunity to experience the magic that exists in Azad Kashmir by selecting the most suitable Azad Kashmir Tour packages for yourself.

You will get all the information about Azad Kashmir through our services. The Neelum Valley Tour Packages are, first of all, full of the following: Exotic Fantastic Places, The Meadows of Greenery, and the scenic beauty of mountains.

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With each day, AJK tourism is gaining popularity. The most breathtakingly beautiful scenic places in its lap are provided by Azad Kashmir.

Moreover, with spectacular and stunning views, every quarter of Azad Kashmir abounds. The Neelum valley has been in contention since Pakistan’s Independence Day.

But the glorious Neelum Valley is in the area that is the official part of Pakistan. It would be awesome to take a road trip to the Neelum Valley. Throughout the trip, the Neelum Valley Map presents millions of perplexing views.

The Neelum Valley in Azad Kashmir is owned by thick woods, multiple waterfalls, streams of freshwater, mountains of green, rivers.


Best time to visit Neelum Valley – Azad Kashmir

Do you want to know the safest and most appropriate time to fly to the Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir? If so, then look at the specifics and get your comment here.

Neelum Valley stays open to Keran for 12 months a year. If you want to discover the Neelum Valley, April to October is the perfect time to visit the Neelum Valley.

The Perfect Time to Ride begins from mid-July to mid-September for hiking. The closest valley to the most prominent and renowned Naran Kaghan Valley is the Neelum Valley. It certainly offers a cause for the area to collapse again and again.

There have been some locations in Pakistan that encourage tourism from all over the globe and Pakistan Travel Diaries are providing the best Neelum Valley Tour Packages 2021.

Avail our Azad Kashmir Tour Packages, offering Keran, Sharda, Khel Taobut as Neelum Valley AJK’s main attraction points. Let’s tour Neelum Valley together!


Perfect and most relaxing Neelum Valley Couple Tour 5 Days 4 Nights

Supplying families and couples with Exclusive Neelum Valley Tours. As a tour operator, we have Pakistan’s most inexpensive holiday honeymoon tour travel tourist destination, which is Azad Kashmir’s Stunning Neelum Valley.

Do not hesitate and book a travel package to Azad Kashmir Neelum Valley Tour. So, do not even queue for a trip to the valley and book a Neelum valley holiday tour package.

Also, its winter sports hub, serene lakes, and marvelous cultural wonders throughout the summer draw tourists towards it. Besides, the capital is Muzaffarabad with different towns such as Rawalakot, Bhaag, and Mirpur.


Enjoy the amazing Azad Kashmir ride

There are different valleys in Azad Kashmir, such as the Neelum Valley and the Leepa Valley, which have been very popular in recent years for tourism activities.

In comparison, the names of popular places are Lake Banjosa, Lake of Ratti Galli near Kutton Jagran, Valley of Kutton, Valley Sharda, and many more.

The much more accessible and comfortable Azad Kashmir tour packages are provided by Pakistan Travel Diaries, beginning from Lahore and Islamabad.

Many people ask if we are offering Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir travel package from Karachi to Neelum Valley, and we announce that yes we are now offering such travel packages.

It also provides several historical attractions besides these sightseeing sites, as the Azad Kashmir Neelum Valley is also rich in history with beautiful locations. There are some of them: Ruins of Sharda Buddhist University, Sharda Peeth Sharda Peeth (Sharda Fort), The Red Fort, Chinasi Pir, Fort Ramkot.


New offers for the Neelum Valley Tour 2021

Azad Kashmir tourism has a huge effect on the promotion of Pakistan’s tourism culture in our tourism industry. According to the invitation of travelers who want to visit AJK Tourism Neelum Valley of Pakistan, we have numerous Neelum Valley tour packages for 2021.

For AJK Tourism Neelum Valley, we have Pakistan package tours classified from budget tour packages to deluxe tour packages starting from 3 days 2 nights simple packages.

Plan a magnificent trip to Azad Kashmir Neelum Valley

  • Toli
  • Lake Banjosa
  • Lake Ratti Gali
  • Kel & Arang Kel
  • Taobut

We also have some other incredible destinations in the Azad Kashmir Tour Packages from other regions along with these beautiful places, such as:

As per our customers’ demand, Azad Kashmir Travel Packages have several distinct travel plans beginning from 3 days 2 nights simple tour schedule. Both of these 2021 Pakistan Tour Packages and Azad Kashmir Tour Packages are for our All-Pakistan clients.

Enhance your journey to Azad Kashmir with the Azad Kashmir Tourism Guide

We will give you lots of our tour guide that has a good grasp of the history of Azad Kashmir. We appreciate it and you will get the most of the knowledge of the beauty of Azad Kashmir.

Azad Kashmir (Neelum Valley) Hotels for Tourists

As the best tour operator, we have the best tourist lodges, restaurants, huts, and lodges to enjoy the beautiful trip to Azad Kashmir. Also, our highest priority is to provide consumers with optimum convenience. Our sole aim is to facilitate tourism in Azad Kashmir and to let people know that Pakistan is full of natural beauty.

How to find your Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir Tour Package awesome? See the segment below.

Everyone needs a nice trip, and one where you can do the following is the best kind of trip: Climate to Calm, No posts, No mobile calls, No WhatsApp, No Instagram.

While locating Wi-Fi and signal-free zones is challenging, don’t worry that Neelam Valley meets these specifications!

Neelum Valley Top 10 Places You Could Visit

Counting on the tourist spots of the Neelum Valley, nature is so fortunate here that each quarter of the valley has its special charm. If you are planning a trip to the Neelum Valley, take the route from the Islamabad Capital Territory to Muzaffarabad Road.

If you are from another part of Punjab, the Lahore to Neelum Valley Bus Service is also open. We will promise you that no one in Pakistan gives so many cheap and convenient Neelum Valley tours.

A list of some popular tourist spots in the Neelum Valley has been created

  • Banjosa Lake
  • Ratti Gali Lake
  • Kutton Jagran
  • Kutton Valley
  • Sharda Valley
  • Kel
  • Arrang Kel
  • Sharda
  • Halmat
  • Taubut

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