My complete naran kagahn tour experience:

It was five AM, and the delicate sun had gradually begun rising above once again everything, refreshing everything with the astonishing signs of excellence. Its rays were scattering everywhere. The dark sky was enhanced with sparkling gems around evening time which steadily turned amazing as the Creator brushed it with tints of yellow and orange out of His palette.

The day started with a very refreshing mood. I was laying in my bed, listening eagerly to the silence relaxing my soul, and making my mood fresh. I never had felt so relax after wakening up in the morning, such silence and harmony that cannot be explained in words. I got up, moved up from my bed, and went towards the gallery to see amazing sights from the window.

It was our second day in the mystical valley of Naran, which is 276 km north of Islamabad, and still, it was difficult to accept that nature could be so wonderful, so heavenly. Encircled by lavish greenery, tremendous mountains, ice sheets that astonished like white gold as the daylight reflected from them all appeared to be so fascinating. My family slept late at night, so I choose to go for a morning walk all alone to explore the beauty of Naran Kaghan valley and let my lungs breathe in the pure and refreshing air.

There was silence all around I even could hear minor sounds over there. Everything was so beautiful, so dazzling that I have never thought of seeing them. Slowly and gradually, it was time to start the day in Naran Kaghan Valley. I saw many local people were heading towards their workplaces to continue their work. Nearby individuals cross waterway Kunhar by taking a ride on an iron transporter. It was kind of “airboat.” On which people were traveling. Two workers were present on the opposite side of the stream responsible for turning a major wheel together to wind the metallic rope suspended above water around a pulley to pull the transporter.

I decided to take a tough path to examine how much could I hike and surpass these bumpy tracks and high mountainous paths. The paths were very close to three feet wide, making it hard for two individuals to walk together as there was very little space. I saw a few kids walking here and there and enjoying the clouds coming down from the sky. They were wearing their conventional dresses “shalwar kameez,” and their shalwar was a bit wide with a broad bottom.

I was constantly observing them with entertainment as they were running all over the lavish green steep slopes enjoying their pets they carried with themselves. I even saw many ladies carrying large piles of wood and carrying down towards the river. I must say they all are very hardworking as for me it is not that easy to travel on such bumpy paths regularly. The individuals of Naran Kaghan are living a hard life. There is no electricity there rather the local people consume wood, burn them, and use them for heating and cooking purposes.

Sometimes, when it snows heavily in Naran Kaghan, land sliding also takes place blocking all the paths and making it very hard and tough for the native people to earn their living and pursue their regular routine.

After getting tired and lazy, I decided to stop walking and have a rest for some time. For this reason, I plunged towards the Kunhar river whose water seemed so smooth and white. It was so clean and crystal clear and the sound of hitting the rocks made me hypnotized that I forgot everything and started starring at it. It made a whooshing sound.

I found a place near the River Kunhar where I put my joggers off and put my feet in the cold running water. Far away I was able to see some fishermen moving toward the river to catch the fish. Most people in Naran also do fishing and to earn their living. I also saw a person putting “charpai” in water. He was tying it with the help of a strong rope so that it does not slip in the water.

Out of nowhere, I recognized a kid, who was around eight years old. He was tying the flowers named white daisies in order to make excellent laurels and flower jewelry for the travelers. I wonder what he was doing to support his family to some extent. Also, I pondered, how can they manage living here for so long with no electricity no resources. I wonder how?

For people like us, it is very difficult to manage everything but maybe they have to get used to it. They have to do it at any cost. They live near nature, eat natural food, and remain healthy as they work hard and have a lot of exercise in the form of walking.

In short, I was feeling so relaxed being far away from the busy life of the city, far from the daily noise polluting the environment. Now I merely want to stay here for some days and be calm and in peace. I am in everlasting delight. I am in the valley of Naran, North Pakistan.

Thanks to Pakistan travel agency who made this amazing trip successful!

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