Umrah Packages from Pakistan 2021-2022

Umrah Vaccination Requirements 2021-2022

Covid Vaccination

Vaccinated travelers will not have to quarantine, provided they have proof of receiving the full vaccine doses before and after arrival. The vaccine taken by arriving travelers must be one that was approved by the Saudi ministry of health (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson).  [Source]

Polio Vaccination

All travelers from Pakistan should receive one dose of oral polio vaccine (regardless of age and vaccination status). Proof of polio vaccination at least six weeks before departure is required for visitors to apply for an entry visa for Saudi Arabia, and travelers will also receive one dose of OPV at border points on arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Umrah Vaccine Requirements

Our Umrah Packages from Pakistan Reviews

Top Places Pakistan Travel Diaries Cover in Umrah Packages


Madinah is a city in Saudi Arabia’s western region where Masjid Nabwi is present.

Masjid Nabwi is a prominent Islamic pilgrimage destination which Muslims usually visit during Umrah. The tombs of the Prophet Muhammad, as well as early Islamic leaders Abu Bakr and Umar, are all visible beneath the Green Dome.

The Qiblatain Mosque (Masjid al-Qiblatain) is where the Prophet Muhammad got the instructions to alter the direction of prayers towards Mecca.

Significance of Madinah in Umrah is the vision of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) of the Muslims performing the rituals of Umrah.

The Quraysh tribe, on the other hand, refused them access, and the Prophet did not want to force his way into the sacred site (Ka’aba).

Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, pledged a ten-year cease-fire and three-day annual access to the Ka’aba for Umrah from Madinah.



Mecca, located in a desert valley in western Saudi Arabia, is the holiest city in Islam since it is the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad.

Muslims visit Mecca every year to perform Umrah and Hajj (pilgrimage). The central Masjid al-Haram dates from the 7th century and surrounds the Kaaba, Islam’s most sacred site.

Muslims perform Hajj and Umrah and pray to Allah around Kaaba.



Arafat, also known as Jabal Arafat in Arabic and Jabal ar-Rahmah in Arabic, is a granodiorite peak located about 20 kilometers southeast of Mecca in Saudi Arabia’s Makkah Province.

The peak rises to a height of around 70 metres. Its highest point is 454 metres above sea level. Muslims visit Arafat when they come to perform Hajj and Umrah.


Cave of Hira - Jabal al-Nour

Jabal an-Nour is a mountain in Saudi Arabia’s Hejaz area near Mecca.

The cave of Hira’ is significant to Muslims all over the world because it is said that Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) spent time meditating in this cave,

and it is widely believed that he received his first revelation here, which consisted of the first five Ayats of Surah Al-Alaq from the angel Jibra’il.

Cave of Hira - Jabal al-Nour

Do I have to pay the SR2000 fee?

Since the past Umrah season, the Saudi charge of SR 2000 has been abolished. You will not be charged an additional price based on how many times you have visited Umrah and when you did so.

The elimination of the charge has been replaced by a lower fee that has been applied to all pilgrims. These expenses are included in the umrah visa fees in the Umrah packages 2021.

How much money should I have for meals and other costs?

Of course, we can’t advise you on what to bring for presents or shopping. However, normal Pakistani cuisine shops charge approximately SR10-15 per person for each lunch.

Saudi Arabian servings are generous; thus, two plates will comfortably feed three people (varies from person to person).

In Makkah and Madinah, where can I locate Pakistani restaurants?

Ibrahim Khaleel Street in Makkah features several extremely excellent and reasonably priced ones. If you want to spend some money, there are a number of them in the clock tower as well.

However, before purchasing for the whole family, make sure to check the quality and flavor. Because most cuisine is essentially devoid of salt and pepper, our Pakistani hot palates may not appreciate them. It is also a question of personal preference.

What is the average processing time for Umrah visas?

None, to be precise.

You can never set a period in advance since the Saudi visa environment changes so quickly. These days, the normal time is 4-5 days.

However, it may take longer. If there is a quota in place or if the embassy is experiencing unforeseen delays.

What is the shortest and longest umrah period I can book?

For first-timers, an Umrah takes around 4/5 hours, and for seasoned Muslims, it takes even less time. As a result, you can perform an Umrah while traveling to another country.

This means that the minimum time limit is one day. The maximum time limit has been set at 28 days. As a result, the overall length might range from one to twenty-eight days.

How to divide the night between Makkah and Madinah.

There are a few practices to be aware of. You are free to select any of them.

  • Divide the total time in half. Let’s assume you spend 5 nights in Makkah and 5 nights in Madinah.
  • Some people would rather spend 8 nights in Madinah than pray 40 times in the Masjid Nabwi.
  • Go to Makkah for a few days, perform the umrah, then travel to Madinah, return to Makkah, and depart from Jeddah. As an example, 3 nights in Makkah, 5 nights in Madinah, and 3 nights in Makkah.

How long do you need to perform Umrah?

When it comes to doing Umrah, the minimum time necessary varies from 3 to 6 hours depending on the day.

However, there is no one-day Umrah package available. You may choose a one-week or seven-day package to see the holy land.

What are the advantages of performing Umrah?

The most important advantage of doing umrah is that you will be rewarded. The first benefit will be that you will be treated as Allah’s guest. The final point is that sins will be pardoned, implying that sins will be expiated. Fourth, for some Muslims, Umrah will be equated to jihad.

It re-energizes the Muslim faith and provides an opportunity to pray for what you require.

What are the Umrah rules?

During umrah, two important rites are carried out.

  • The first is tawaf, and
  • The second is sa’i.

Tawaf is known to go around the Kaaba in a circle. For males, it is recommended that the first three rounds be completed at a fast rate, followed by the last four circuits at a leisurely pace.

Then there’s Sa’I, which takes place between Safa and Marwah in Mecca’s Great Mosque. The pilgrimage comes to an end with halq (short or partial shorting of hair).

Which month is the most affordable for Umrah?

The optimum time to conduct Umrah is after the Hajj, which is during April, May, and December. Hostels and various forms of lodging will be available at the most affordable rates.

What is the cost of an Umrah package?

If we’re talking about the cheapest Umrah package, it’s this one. 150,000 PKR is almost enough for a 25-day stay at a 5-star hotel. The 4-star pricing will begin at 132,000 PKR for 15 days. The cost of three starts for 15 days will be roughly 120,000 PKR.

How much does it cost to travel to Umrah from the United States?

The cost of a Saudi Arabia Umrah e-Visa, including processing, maybe as high as USD 162.00 for ordinary processing.

Rush processing will cost USD 187.00 in total, including the e-visa. You will have to pay USD 212 if you want ultra-fast processing.

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How much does Umrah cost in Pakistan?

When it comes to cost, Umrah packages are the most affordable. For 25 days in a 5-star hotel, 150,000 PKR is required. For 15 days, 132,000 PKR at a 4-star hotel and 120,000 PKR in a 3-star hotel

How do I apply for an Umrah visa in Pakistan?

Before departure, the candidate must have a Nadra ID card and a passport with a validity of almost six months. For subsequent processing, there should be two vacant visa pages in the passport.

Umrah 2021

Umrah is a non-mandatory but highly encouraged pilgrimage in Islam. Muslims do Umrah to atone for their sins, enhance their righteousness, and beg Allah to grant them their desires. Makkah and Madinah are the two most important places to do Umrah. Umrah can be performed on any day of the year by Muslims. Umrah is shorter than Hajj, lasting only 4 to 6 hours.

Muslims in Ihram do the Tawaf of Kaaba, Sa’ee (walking seven times on and between the hills of Safa and Marwah), and Qasar/ Halaq during Umrah (shortening the hair). When you commit yourself to these four actions, your Umrah will be accepted, and you will be able to leave Ihram and undertake additional activities that were forbidden before.

Pakistan Travel Diaries has a selection of Umrah Packages that contain all of the amenities and high-quality services. It’s never been easier to book an Umrah package than it is now. You may just dial the phone number and book your Umrah Package 2021 from the comfort of your own home.


Best Umrah Packages 2021 with Pakistan Travel Diaries

For many years, Umrah Pilgrims have made Pakistan Travel Diaries their topmost priority. We offer the finest Umrah Packages from Pakistan. Throughout the year, we provide top Umrah services and Umrah Visa Services all across Pakistan.

To feel at ease, book your luxury Umrah packages 2021 with Pakistan Travel Diaries. Our family Umrah Packages 2021 contains the best hotels, ranging from 5 stars to 4 stars to 3 stars, all of which give comfortable and luxurious accommodations.

Transportation, Umrah visa services, and a variety of other relevant amenities for Umrah pilgrims are included in our luxury Umrah packages 2021. This year, fulfill your wish by booking our 5 Star Umrah Packages 2021 and performing your Umrah 2021 with us.


Umrah Packages 2021 Pakistan

Umrah Packages Pakistan 2021 is a collection of services and facilities that you would require to do Umrah. Clients may choose from a range of Umrah Packages 2021, including 5 Star, 4 Star, and other options.

Before buying one of the Umrah Packages 2021, you may now read all the specifics regarding the services and economical Umrah packages. Get your Umrah Package from one of Pakistan’s approved travel companies.

We are well-known for our 28-day Umrah packages. The majority of Muslims believe that these Umrah packages are appropriate for their trip to Saudi Arabia. Still, having trouble deciding on the finest Umrah package 2021? Simply search for a package that fits your budget on our official website and you’ll find the best choices at low rates!

Our major services include Umrah Services from Lahore, Umrah Services from Karachi, and Umrah Services from Islamabad for our clients. Your flight for Umrah departs from this city’s airport.

We are always willing to customize any Umrah package to the customer’s specific needs and desires. We intend to make Umrah available to the entire country. As a result, we have launched new Umrah packages 2021 Rawalpindi, umrah packages 2021 Islamabad, umrah packages 2021 Karachi to appeal to a wider audience and fulfill their wishes.

We take care of the flights, accommodation, and transport! Whether you’re going alone or with family, our low-cost Umrah packages Lahore 2021 will fit your budget.

Umrah Packages 2021 Lahore

Customize your own Umrah package 2021 with us and get a chance to do Umrah with your family! From the beginning to the end, we’ll be right there with you.

It’s time to customize your Umrah package in Karachi and fulfill your dream. Take a trip to the realm of dreams.

For 15 days, a 3-star Umrah package includes transportation from the airport to the hotel, as well as transportation from Makkah to Madinah or Madinah to Makkah by air-conditioned bus, as well as transportation from the hotel to the airport.

You will receive clean and air-conditioned accommodation as part of the 3 Star 15-day Umrah package.

3 Star Umrah Package for 21 days includes transportation from the airport to the hotel, Makkah to Madinah, and Madinah to Makkah by air-conditioned bus. Umrah visa fees, transportation, and hotel reservations are all included in this 3-star 21-day Umrah package.


Umrah Packages 2021 Karachi

Our Umrah Packages 2021 Karachi include all of the amenities necessary to make your religious pilgrimage the most memorable and pleasurable experience possible. Pakistan Travel Diaries Umrah services 2021 offer everything from 5-star Umrah packages 2021 to 4-star and 3-star Umrah packages 2021 to meet your needs and schedule.

Our Umrah packages in 2021 include obtaining a visa as well as tickets from the finest airlines. So, hurry up and book your Umrah Package now!


Umrah Tickets Prices in Pakistan 2021

If you do not have a flight ticket, you can purchase a 5-star Umrah package from any airline’s official website. To apply for an Umrah Visa, you must have confirmed non-refundable Umrah tickets and confirmation of hotel accommodations. Umrah ticket booking is done online, therefore it doesn’t take long to get a ticket. You’ll have to pay for your ticket using an online payment method.

Umrah tickets are available from dozens of airlines. They send Umrah flights mostly to Jeddah or Madinah from Pakistani international airports. Some companies offer direct Umrah flights in 2021, while others offer one-stop services.

Non-stop Umrah flights are the most common PIA Umrah flights. The Zamzam water allowance and free baggage allowance regulations may differ from airline to aircraft. Free baggage information will be mentioned on your Umrah ticket.


New Umrah Visa from Pakistan 2021:

Travel companies typically provide this service, in which you simply pay the New Umrah Visa Fees to Saudi Arabia, and they will handle all other aspects of Umrah Visa issuing. In 2 to 3 weeks, you will receive your visa.

You must give over your actual passport to the travel agency to do so. Although an Umrah Visa does not allow you to do business, work, or study, it does allow you to travel to any Saudi Arabian city after you have completed the Umrah.

Saudi Arabia has launched a new system of Electronic Umrah Visas or Umrah E Visas. On their official website for Hajj and Umrah, you may now apply for Hajj and Umrah online. The umrah visa fees can be paid with a credit card or a debit card.

Then you must go to any recognized travel agency to purchase Umrah packages that include hotel accommodations, transportation, and other services, which is also a requirement for obtaining a Saudi Arabia visa.

Another option is to acquire simply an Umrah Visa from a recognized travel agency and make all other preparations on your own, such as booking a flight, making a hotel reservation, etc.

This Umrah Visa may also be obtained by filling out an offline Umrah Visa Application Form and visiting the Saudi Arabian Embassy or Consulate in Pakistan.

The Umrah Visa’s validity has been extended from 14 to 30 days. Pilgrims will now have more time to conduct Umrah 2021, perform Ziarat of the sacred sites of Makkah and Madinah, and travel about Saudi Arabia’s other towns. Pilgrims must return to the same airport from which they arrived before the validity period runs out.


7 Days Umrah Package Price from Pakistan

Every Muslim has a strong desire to perform the Umrah. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for an affordable 7-day Umrah package. Here you can find all of the details for the 7-Day Umrah Package.

We incorporate good planning of your journey from your city to the Holy Land in an Umrah package, as well as when you have completed umrah and are returning to Pakistan.


7 Days Umrah Package Price

We provide Umrah services in 2021 virtually to all of Pakistan’s major cities. We are doing everything we can to keep our clients safe during this holy trip. Choose your best Umrah package based on your budget and requirements.


5 Star 7 Day Umrah Package

You may get a 5 star Umrah package for a reasonable price. This package includes breakfast, room service, free Wi-Fi, and an air-conditioned room at a 5-star hotel in Makkah and Madinah.

We will offer a luxury automobile for trips between Makkah and Madinah, as well as visits to holy sites. This Umrah package will also include post-departure expenditures.


4 Star 7 Day Umrah Package

All of the basic conveniences of the Umrah journey are included in the 4 Star Umrah package. We will offer you our finest services of visa, lodging near Makkah and Madinah, transportation, and airline ticket in this 5 Star Umrah Packages 2021.


3 Star Umrah Package

The cheapest 2021 Umrah package is the 3 Star Umrah package. We will, nevertheless, provide the finest service possible. If you don’t have enough money to book a 5-star or 4-star package, this is the one to go for.

Now all you have to do is plan a trip to the Holy Land with your family or friends and contact us with any queries about these packages. Don’t worry if you want to modify your Umrah package; we are always here to assist our potential customers.


15 Days Umrah Package

Are you considering performing Umrah but are unsure how to find a reputable Umrah Travel Agent who can provide you with a low-cost 15-day Umrah package?

Put an end to your quest right now since we’re here to help. We are organizing Umrah in all of Pakistan’s major cities.

A competent travel service will take your needs into account when putting up an Umrah package for you. If you are planning a 15-day Umrah, we provide a variety of inexpensive Umrah packages. In which we give the highest quality services at the most reasonable prices to our valued customers.


15 Days Umrah Package with Price

We will customize your Umrah packages from Pakistan in 2021 to meet your specific requirements. Customization, on the other hand, may cost extra. But the rest of the service you will receive will be great.


Hurry up and book your Umrah Package now.

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